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Small Axe Podcast

Jul 5, 2021

Welcome back to Small Axe Communities Podcast! 

We have reached the end of the second quarter of the year and in this episode, we are back with the second episode of The Accountability Series.  Joining us today are three inspiring multifamily investors, Jorge Rodriguez, Chad Tucker, and Brian Hemedinger.  Jorge, Chad, and Brian are back to share how their businesses have grown in the past three months and how they helped people create passive income with real estate.


Let’s listen to Jorge, Chad, and Brian and tap into their inspiring stories.


[00:01 - 21:27] Jorge Rodriguez: The List, Getting Action, and Phone Calls 

  • Jorge recaps his real estate experience from the past three months
  • Calling 10 brokers a week, exhausting your list
  • Not Just Another Pestering Investor
  • Jorge talks about flipping houses
  • Knowing People Beyond Numbers
  • The story of Jorge’s multifamily deals
    • Jorge shares how he gets multifamily deals
    • Debt, Finances, and Partners
  • Be more focused and know your role. 


[21:28 - 43:09] Chad Tucker: I Want the B+

  • Chad recaps his real estate experience from the past three months
  • How to be Successful in a Competitive Market
  • Relationships and Long-Term Goals
    • “You gotta see where you fit in.”
  • Chad tells the story of how he found his managing assets partner
  • The Difference between A, B, and C Buildings
  • Chad talks about limiting units
  • The Seller, The Buyer, and Me
  • Chad’s Next Learning Curve
  • Giving Away More


[43:10 - 01:07:51] Brian Hemedinger: The 3 Routes of Capital Raising


  • Brian recaps his real estate experience from the past three months


  • Brian talks about capital raising
  • The Gravitational Pull
  • Clarity and Action 
  • The 3 Routes of Capital Raising
  • Transactional Income or Equity?
    • Fund Special Purpose Vehicle
  • Brian talks about using what he recommends to investors
  • Building an Investor Base and Building Relationships with Operators
  • Building from the Ground Up
  • Jake and Gino
    • Education plus action equals result
  • Looking Forward to the Deadline

Tweetable Quotes:


 “I humanize myself.. I’m not just another investor calling them.”  - Jorge Rodriguez


“You’re not gonna know what your role is until you try on other roles.” - Jorge Rodriguez


“This is a relationship business.” - Chad Tucker


“It’s all about knowing your brokers, knowing what they like and then finding out what the seller wants, too…” - Chad Tucker


“Multifamily is a team sport.” - Brian Hemedinger


“Clarity is power.” - Brian Hemedinger

Resources Mentioned


Find out more and connect with Jorge, Chad, and Brian through the following:


Jorge: and Instagram  

Chad:, Facebook, LinkedIn, and 850 206 4603

Brian:, Facebook, and Instagram   

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