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Small Axe Podcast

Mar 28, 2022

Today’s special guest is Ryan Dumas. Ryan has been in the hospitality industry for 25 years. He  has vast knowledge in Apartments/Hotel/Assisted Living/Gas Station for Acquisitions, Refinancing, Investing, and consulting.

Stick to the end of the show and learn more about Ryan’s healthy approach to Real Estate...

Mar 21, 2022

1031 Exchanges can be stressful. Deadlines, how it works, new markets, and many other factors make 1031 Like Kind Exchanges (also called the Starker Exchange) confusing. 

Many investors want more cash flow, want a safe investment but don’t have the resources or direct knowledge to start or complete an exchange. Alex...

Mar 14, 2022

Today, I discuss an important matter worthy of conversation.

This time eventually comes for investors. If you want to have an active role in your multifamily team, prepare yourself for this because eventually, this reality just comes by and punches you in the face.

Thank you for tuning again for today’s show! Let’s...

Mar 7, 2022

Are you stuck in the Matrix? Many of us are silently asking ourselves, is there more to life?

Jerome Myers (a/k/a "J") is a developer of people and places. He is the founder and Chief Inspiration Officer of two ventures. DreamCatchers is a boutique coaching firm that supports first and second-generation wealth creators...