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Small Axe Podcast

Apr 25, 2022

What it takes to optimize systems is not only a look at how to run the numbers but starting at the hiring process. Mark McGuire has stories and tips to share when it comes to building teams for a business to thrive.

Listen in as Mark shares his story of starting at the bottom and working his way up through hard work and determination to become a successful real estate investor. He also discusses how he transitioned from property management and maintenance to real estate sales and syndication in order to build a lasting empire. 

Stick to the end of the show and learn more about Mark’s practical tips. Let’s listen in!


[00:01 – 09:24] Be On the Lookout for Great Opportunities Ahead

  • From the ground as a maintenance guy to commercial real estate investing
  • Realizing the power of controlling the velocity of your money
  • Thoughts on having sophisticated investors participate in these private offerings
  • The ideal goal for real estate investors as opportunities for all

[09:25 – 24:01] An Inside Look of Self-Storage Unit Investing

  • Light expansions and asset upgrades to create more revenue
  • Breaking down self-storage on offers, taxes, insurance, and raising revenue
  • How the rates and clients are dependent on your geographic location
  • Protocols for maintenance and repairs for self-storage units

[24:02  – 34:58] Building a Successful Culture for a Business That Lasts

  • Choosing people having your weaknesses as their strengths
  • The value of getting clear on the vision and responsibilities
  • The goal is not only to get the best but to retain the best
  • Why you should have a vetting process and ensure the right tools

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Tweetable Quotes:

“In the commercial game… You could have more control of your valuation, and ultimately the velocity of your money.” - Mark McGuire


“Our whole goal was to bring good people along and bring them up and teach and show them what opportunities exist.” - Mark McGuire


“When it all goes to hell, your core values are going to be what holds your team together, it's the glue.” - Mark McGuire