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Small Axe Podcast

Nov 2, 2020

Today’s guest is Tyler Deveraux, a multi-family investor, and syndicator from Multi-Family Capital Partners. At 21, he acquired a student rental property and has been part of over 100 real estate transactions, including single-family flips to larger multi-family repositions. He controls assets in Alabama, Texas, Ohio, and North Carolina. Tyler has been actively investing in real estate for 13 years and now shares his knowledge and experiences with new and season investors.

Join us for this episode and learn more about real estate and overcoming the fear of raising money.


[00:01 – 05:32] The Beginning of His Journey

  • I introduce our guest, Tyler Deveraux
  • Tyler shares his life before delving into real estate
    • His inspiration is his mother, who, even though they struggle financially, has approached life with happiness and laughter
    • He joined the real estate business because he wanted security for himself and his family and he wanted to help other people too


[05:33 – 10:33] A Viable Source of Passive Income

  • Tyler started an internet business in his early 20s and eventually started acquiring single-family rental properties
    • He initially didn’t know anything about real estate, but then realized it could be a viable source of passive income
  • He met someone from MF Capital Partners, who introduced him to David Lindahl.
    • David Lindahl trains people on real estate business and is the author of “Emerging Real Estate Markets” and “Multi-Family Millions.” 
    • David Lindahl has an education company that mentors and walks people through multi-family acquisitions
    • Eventually, David asked him to be a trainer himself of Fundamentals of Multi-Family Investing, which he has been teaching the last couple of years
  • Tyler talks about willing to coach and mentor people about multifamily acquisitions

[10:33 – 23:55] From Single to Multi-Family Properties 

  • Tyler talks about his first multi-family acquisition; a 20-unit deal at Birmingham, Alabama.
  • He has a third-party management team to manage his businesses for him
    • He was self-managing before for his single-family properties 
    • Third-party management is a “game-changer” for bigger properties and provides a better experience for tenants
  • Tyler then acquired a 75-unit property in Austin, Texas, together with his coach and sponsors.
  • He grew into the business after following his coach’s advice
    • Reach out to people to know their needs.
  • Tyler discusses briefly the significance of syndicating your deals

[23:56 – 34:30] Overcoming the Fear of Raising Money

  • Tyler shares an advice about raising money
    • Get an investor into your transactions and take care of them.
    • You don’t have to convince people that real estate is a good business. Most of the time, you’re teaching them.
  • Tyler encourages his peers to reach out to more people
    • Rejections and failures are part of the process.
  • Tyler shares how important an elevator pitch is. 
    • An elevator pitch briefly discusses what you offer. 
    • Be clear on your message and on what you do.

[34:31 – 38:49] Closing segment


  • If your grandkids and great-grandkids want to write a book about you, what would that be?
  • “My Great Grandpa was Super Bitching”
  • Tyler wants to be remembered as happy, energetic and giving


  • Connect with Tyler. See the links below 


Tweetable Quotes

 “As long as you’re putting people first and taking care of people…everything works out how it should. People first and everything falls in line.” – Tyler Deveraux

“The key to acquiring wealth is providing value.” – Tyler Deveraux

“You cannot be successful without experiencing some failure.” – Tyler Deveraux


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You can connect with Tyler Deveraux on his social media platforms, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram or email him at Visit their website, Multi Family Capital Partners, and their social media accounts: LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram.


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