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Small Axe Podcast

Apr 5, 2021

Today’s guest is Trevor Oldham, the founder of Podcasting You. He provides people with the options and opportunity to reach a broad network of people through booking them on other people's podcasts. He has successfully helped out a ton of Real Estate Investors and syndicators to grow their business and influence from podcasting.


Let’s listen to Trevor to learn more about his inspiring story and how he grows his business through the podcast.

[00:01 – 05:39] Opening Segment 

  • Let’s get to know Trevor Oldham.
  • Trevor shares the story about his background and how he got to where he is today.
    • He runs a company called Podcasting You.
    • He has been working and starting some small businesses throughout high school and college year.
    • He built a company that grew so quickly in the first year but burnt out in the second year.
    • He started freelancing the skill that he has learned and started a new business.
  • Trevor explains the services he provides in Podcasting You.
    • Help people to get booked on podcasts.
    • Help people to share their stories and their offerings of what they have available.
  • Focusing on the point A and B in the story
    • Share about the topic that people want to hear about your success.
    • Share about the beginning and the process of your story so people could see the full scope of your story.

[06:20 – 17:59] Grow your Influence and Business through Podcast 

  • Trevor shares some advice for people who are in the beginning stages of podcasting
    • Start with a newer podcast, to begin with.
    • Use the Listen-notes tool to find podcasts.
  • Trevor shares about the beginning of his podcasting career.
    • Have the consistency to push yourself to become uncomfortable.
  • The benefits of being on the podcast.
    • Giving you the exposure that you need and reach more audiences.
    • Increase your credibility.
    • It helps you to get more SEO for your website from the show notes. 
  • The podcast strategy to help your business reach its target audience.
  • The backfill episodes 
  • Attracting audience 
    • Share about what makes your story unique.
  • Tips in creating a pitch 
    • Customized 4 - 6 sentences for every podcaster
    •  Do not make the first sentence about yourself but the podcast host.
    • Listen to a few episodes before so that you can relate to the host.
    • Include a link to your one-sheet where your full bio is going to be.

[18:00 – 24:19] Working with Podcasting You

  • Trevor talks about the process of working with Podcasting You
    • Find out what are their potential clients’ goals.
    • Take someone on to receive the monetary return
    • Look at their experiences and story.
  • Podcasting will help you to grow your business but not merely the biggest thing to explore your business.
  • Trevor does the due diligence before hopping on a call with his potential client.
  • Trevor shares his vision with Podcasting You company
    • The company is currently expanding to get more leads.
    • He shares his roles in the company.
  • He shares his personal goals for this year.
    • Get more speaking engagements and make more connections in the space.
  • Trevor talks about taking a public speaking course and training.
    • It would help you get over your fear and crafting your story.

[24:20 – 27:30] Closing segment

  • If your great-great grandkids are to write a book about you, how would you like it to be titled? 
    • Never Giving Up.
  • Connect with Trevor and Podcasting You. See the links below. 
  • Final words from me.


Tweetable Quotes:

“I think it's important not to let out the point of that we basically start with nothing because no one really born with a knack of knowing how to invest in real estate” –  Trevor Oldham.

If you can show the uniqueness about yourself, it will increase your chances of getting on a show .” –  Trevor Oldham.

“Podcasting will help to grow your business but not merely the biggest thing to explore your business.” –  Trevor Oldham.


Mentioned Links:

You can connect with Trevor on LinkedIn and email Or you can visit his website at


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