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Small Axe Podcast

Mar 30, 2021

Today’s podcast is part 2 of the Accountability series podcast. In this series, there will be four separate episodes at the end of each quarter of 2021 with various guests and backgrounds.

They have in common that none of them own any multifamily real estate as an active investor. My goal is to share their documented process in taking their multifamily journey to the next level.


Let’s listen to this episode and learn more about their inspiring story and how they take their multifamily journey to the next level.

[00:01 – 03:39] Opening Segment 

  • I share a brief introduction of this podcast series
    • Part 2 of the Accountability series
  • Four separate episodes with different guests and backgrounds.
  • Three main goals of this series
    • Document their process.
    • Share the stories of their journey.
    • Understand what it takes to be an active or passive investor.

[03:40 – 26:00] The Platform to Giveback - Joey Arico and Jonny Wilson

  • Let’s get to know Joey Arico and Jonny Wilson.
  • Joey shares the story about his background 
    • Mechanical engineer background and experience.
    • Limitedly involved in a large transactional volume of real estate design and development 
  • Jonnyshares the story about his background.
    • Sales and marketing background with a political science degree.
    • Experienced in tax sales and medical device sales.
  • Joey and Jonny talk about how they join Jack and Gino Community.
  • How and why they decided to go into multifamily.
    • A platform to give back to our community 
    • A vehicle for self-development and Financial Freedom
  • Jonny and Joey talk about finding their target market.
    • Phoenix, Arizona.
  • Jonny and Joey share their current focus.
    • Rent comp shopping.
    • Vetting in market operators.
    • Building team and relationships.
  • Phase 1 property criteria
    • Analyzing the market and determining the direction.
  • The personal reasons why they chose Phoenix, Arizona.
  • Jonny and Joey talk about the dynamic of their partnership.
  • The goals for 2021
    • Weekly goals to check on the development.
    • Close their first deal this year.
    • Underwrite 100 deals in 6 months.
  • Strategy in buying deals
    • Consistently working on the underwriting.
    • Trying to get honest feedback from our brokers.
    • Build out how to finance the deal and raise the capital.
  • Jonny and Joey talk about their integration strategy to develop.
  • Final words from me.

[26:01 – 42:19] The Constant Growth of Mindset- Jhae Antoc

  • Let’s get to know  Jhae Antoc.
  • Jhae shares the story about his background 
    • Based in San Francisco bay area.
    • Currently working as an ER nurse.
  • He shares how he started to join Jack and Gino community.
  • Jhae talks about why he chose multifamily real estate
    • Creating multi-generational wealth.
    • Gives him financial freedom.
  • Jhae shares his goal to own real estate.
  • Jhae talks about his real estate education 
    • Constant growth mindset and finding your strength.
    • Monthly coaching and underwrite as much as possible
    • Fostering relationships with people in the group.
  • He talks about his target market
    • Phoenix, Arizona
  • He talks about his strength and role in working with a team.
  • Jhae talks about his mission to learn more about the business and his strength.
  • Jhae shares his short-term and long-term goals.
  • He talks about his routine in learning and works on his real estate journey.
  • Final words from me.

[42:20 – 56:01] Constant Learning and Growing Process - Chad Tucker

  • Let’s get to know Chad Tucker
  • Chad shares his background
    • Florida-born and natives.
    • Working as a firefighter for 15 years.
  • Creating a legacy for his children through multifamily real estate.
  • Chad shares the reason he chose multifamily rather than wholesaling.
  • Chad talks about how he joined the Jack and Gino community. 
  • He talks about his current target market
    • Central Florida.
  • How wholesaling background would help translate into the multifamily side.
  • Chad talks about his strategy in real estate.
  • He shares about his capital source in doing fix and flip.
  • The deal criteria
    • 12% IRO in average.
    • 6-7% cash on cash by year one.
  • Chad talks about his routine in doing real estate.
    • Time blocking.
  • Chad shares his personal short term and long term goals
    • Create a podcast show.
    • Close his first deal.
    • Finding a way to replace his W2 income.
  • He talks about his current focus.
  • Final words from me.


Tweetable Quotes:

Multifamily investing, you know, could be a platform to give back to our community, you know our family and friends, while also being a vehicle for self-development International Freedom. –   Joey Arico and Jonny Wilson.

“What is most important is fostering the relationship with the people in the group” – Jhae Antoc.

“Anything you do that takes you out of your comfort zone is going to reward you even more.”–  Chad Tucker.



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