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Small Axe Podcast

Sep 12, 2022

In this solo episode of the Small Axe Community Podcast, Nico shares his advice on becoming a successful small axe investor. He recommends focusing on education and trying to find avenues that will best suit your learning style. Nico also recommends listening more than talking. He tells the listeners that they should take their time and invest passively in order to learn what they are doing. He recommends reading books, attending meetups, and connecting with people who have experience in the industry. So with no further ado Let’s dive in!



[00:46 - 06:52] How to Educate Yourself for a Successful Career

  • Nico recommends focusing on education to become a better investor
  • He recommends audiobooks, podcasts, and YouTube for learning about investing
  • He recommends getting involved in a mentorship or mastermind program to connect with like-minded individuals


[06:52 - 14:12] Six Months to Success in the Multifamily Space


  • Nico recommends spending at least six months getting educated before starting to invest in multifamily properties
  • He emphasizes the importance of being open to learning from others and recommends spending time meeting people in meetups and reading books and watching YouTube videos on the topic
  • He also recommends seeking out a mentor or team of mentors to help guide and support you in your investment journey


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[16:13 - 18:17] Closing Segment

  • Final words



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 “I highly recommend only choosing one market, obviously that limits you or whatever, but it's in the beginning, at least you gotta get to know a market very well or else you could get screwed over. So learn the market extremely well and then begin underwriting.” - Nico Salgado