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Small Axe Podcast

May 17, 2021

Today’s guest is Elisa Zhang. She is the owner/principal of 1000+ unit apartment buildings via 1031 exchange and syndication. After quitting her day job to invest in real estate full-time, she is passionate about teaching others to do the same. She now focuses her time and expertise on helping nine-to-fivers to quit their job by making money while they sleep and retiring faster than they dream.

Let’s listen to Elisa to learn from her inspiring experience and women empowerment.

[00:01 – 13:15] Opening Segment 

  • Let’s get to know Elisa Zhang.
  • Elisa shares her background.
  • Elisa talks about the beginning of her journey in real estate.
  • The switch from nine-to-fivers to full-time real estate
  • Venturing out of state.
  • Investment in the education and networking programs.

[13:16 – 29:10] Third-party Property Management

  • 1031 exchange.
  • When to have a third-party property management team.
  • The reasons to do self-management and opening your own PM company.
  • Efficiency in expenses
  • Elisa talks about how she manages her Phoenix market.
  • Elisa explains about her partnership model 

[29:11 – 38:04] Women Empowerment in The Industry

  • Finding investors.
  • Women empowerment in the IT industry and real estate
  • Why she focuses on the capital stack
  • Benefits of networking conferences and programs.
  • Asset management.
  • Building long-term relationships and partnerships.
  • Passive investors summit overview.

[38:05 – 45:44] EZ Financial Indenpent University

  • Elisa shares the background story EZ-FIU program.
  • The goals and vision of EZ-FIU expansion.

[45:45 – 52:03] Closing segment

  • If your great-great grandkids are to write a book about you, how would you like it to be titled? 
    • One Million Zero to One
    • Female empowerment
  • Connect with Elisa.
    • See the links below. 
  • Final words from me.

Tweetable Quotes:

If you in control of the capital stack, then the rest of the business falls into places, and you will have more influence.” –  Elisa Zhang.

Women empowerment is not just about the grassroots movement; it has to be coming from the top as well.” – Elisa Zhang.

In building a long-term relationship, it’s the quality that matters, not the quantity..” – Elisa Zhang.


You can connect with Elisa on LinkedIn. You check out her website at and 


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