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Small Axe Podcast

Mar 22, 2021

Today’s guest is Jim Pfeifer, a professional Passive Investor and the founder of Left Field Investors. He focuses on helping like-minded individuals invest in real assets and financial strategies to accumulate sustainable, long-term wealth. He is also the host of Passive Investing from Left Field.

Let’s listen to Jim to learn more about his inspiring story and how he builds success through passive investment.

[00:01 – 05:39] Opening Segment 

  • Let’s get to know Jim Pfeifer.
  • Jim shares the story about his background and how he got to where he is today.
    • He studied finance in college and worked in the finance business for 12 years.
    • He maxes out his 401k, investing in the stock market and mutual funds.
    • He became a teacher and financial advisor for a while.
  • Jim talks about how he started his career in real estate.
    • He became an accidental landlord and self manage it.
    • He turned one cash-flowing asset into three cash-flowing assets.
  • The 1031 exchange 
    • It is investing in syndication that allows cost segregation.
  • Syndication through self-directed IRA.
  • He focuses on passive income from syndication.


[05:40 – 11:40] Reaching Success with Passive Investing

  • Jim talks about his goal in passive investing and retirement plans.
  • Invest the small amounts in multiple different sponsors.
  • The issue with passive investing is it takes a long time before you figure out if the deal was a good one or not.
  • Vetting sponsors and networking
  • The perks of having assets producing cash flow.
  • How to structure your income 
  • Jim shares about his family and the start of his career.
  • The monthly targeted number
  • Jim talks about his past career as a financial advisor.


[11:41 – 21:36] The Left Field Investors

  • Jim talks about how he started the Left Field Investors community.
  • The growth of Left Field community.
  • It provides a lot of information for people interested in passive investing.
  • The infielders’ section.
  • Tools to evaluate deals and deal trackers.
  • Jim talks about the free monthly meetings to learn more about passive syndication.
  • Helping people that have smaller means to be able to get into passive investing.
  • The benefits of being in a community of like minded people.


[21:37 – 35:59] Vetting Deals and Syndicator in Passive Investment 

  • Jim talks about how he vets deals and syndicators.
    • Track records
    • Communication.
    • Experiences.
  • The importance of developing relationships and transparency with your syndicator.
  • Red flags on vetting syndicator.
  • Jim talks about how he looks at the market and finds his deals.
    • Smaller secondary market
  • Why having the right syndicator is essential.
  • Jim shares how long it usually took him to trust a syndicator and decide to work with them.
  • The marketing side that is affecting his decision.
  • Jim talks about his opinion on high equity numbers.
    • It is not about the numbers; it is about the explanation and justification on it.


[36:00 – 39:09] Closing segment

  • If your great-great grandkids are to write a book about you, how would you like it to be titled? 
    • Financially curious and finding new ways to build wealth 
    • How he built the financial community that helps others to be financially free and build weath.
  • Reach out and listen to The Passive Investor Show podcast
  • Connect with Jim and join his community. See the links below. 
  • Final words from me.


Tweetable Quotes:

“The issue with passive investing is it takes a long time before you figure out if the deal was a good one or not..” –  Jim Pfeifer

We are trying to make it accessible to everybody because Wallstreet and stock market is not the only palace for you to put your money, you can do syndication regardless of how much money you got.” –  Jim Pfeifer

“When you do business with people, I believe that if you can develop a relationship, it makes a huge difference because when there are problems, and you can talk them through” –  Jim Pfeifer

You can connect with Jim on LinkedIn and email Or you can visit his website at and listen to his podcast Passive Investing from Left Field.


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