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Small Axe Podcast

Feb 22, 2021

Today’s guest is Anthony Vicino. He is the best-selling author, investor, the founding partner of Invictus Multifamily, and the host of the Multifamily Investing Made Simple podcast. He builds multiple successful businesses by creating systems that scale and by never losing sight of end-user satisfaction.

Let’s listen to Anthony to learn more about the strategy to raise capital, team sport in real estate, and the probability spectrum. 

[00:01 – 06:00] Opening Segment 

  • Let’s get to know Anthony Vicino.
  • Visit his website and get a free ebook on the five rules of investing the time-tested strategy of billionaire real estate investors that you can use to take your investment to the next level.
  • Anthony shares his life journey and the beginning of his real estate career.


[06:01 – 14:40] End-user satisfaction

  • Whoever is closest to the consumers win.
  • Anthony talks about his property management company and how he started it.
  • His biggest deal without syndicating.
  • Real estate location and behind-the-scenes regulations.
  • The raising capital strategy in the pandemic situation.


[14:41 – 21:04] Team Sport in Real Estate 

  • Anthony shares about his first few syndication deals.
  • The lending process and track-record.
  • The importance of maintaining relationships and networks in multifamily.
  • Future potential partnerships.
  • The second capital raise in real estate.
  • The importance of being reserved and having more backup plans


[21:05 – 29:30] The Probability Spectrum

  • The sensitivity test
  • Keeping the long-term games
  • Keep an eye on the downside and understanding the risk of adjusted return.
  • The pain point as a general partner 


[29:31 – 31:34] Closing segment


  • If your great-great grandkids are to write a book about you, how would you like it to be titled? 


    • How to book; how to fail your way to success 
  • Connect with Anthony. See the links below. 


Tweetable Quotes:

Whoever is closest to the consumers wins.” – Anthony Vicino.

“What’s appealing about real estate is that you can insert yourself in any different aspect .” – Anthony Vicino.

“In real estate, we do not really view each other as a competition, but rather as a future potential partner .” – Anthony Vicino.

You can connect with Anthony through Linkedin,  or you can email him at Visit his website and check out his podcast Multifamily Investing Made Simple.


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