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Small Axe Podcast

Jan 4, 2021

I am pleased to welcome Chris Salerno to our show today. Chris is the Founder and Managing Partner of QC Capital, LLC, a private equity firm that purchases large apartment complexes. Chris led the no. 1 real estate team in the Carolinas in producing over $140 million in annual sales before building QC Capital. He was named to Charlotte’s 30 Under 30, Elite 50, Elite 50 Entrepreneurs, 30 Under 30 Entrepreneurs, and nominated to the Forbes 30 Under 30 in 2018 and 2020. 

Let’s listen to Chris and learn the secrets to stay at the top of the real estate industry!

[00:01 – 05:22] Opening Segment 

  • I introduce our guest, Chris Salerno
  • He walks us through his path to real estate

[05:23 – 14:16] Mentorship is Key

  • Chris talks about the importance of mentors 
  • He gives his insights about going all-in in real estate
  • He shares this amazing story on his first deal 

[14:17 – 21:59] Niche and Stories are Attractive

  • He talks about the services of QC Capital
  • Don’t miss these real estate tactics from Chris!
  • Chris shares some tips to attract investors 
    • Niche 
    • Story 

[22:00 – 33:30] The Secrets to Stay on Top 

  • Real estate strategies to have repeat investors 
  • Here are creative ideas from Chris to raise capital
  • Multifamily is a necessity
    • Chris explains
  • How do they stay on top? 

[33:31 – 35:43] Closing segment


  • If your great great grandkids are to write a book about you, how would you like it to be titled? 


    • “How to Leave a Legacy”
    • “How to Never Give Up”
  • Connect with Chris. See the links below 


Tweetable Quotes

“I always say, whatever you think you can invest, cut it in half…’cause life happens.” – Chris Salerno

“That’s why I love multifamily real estate. It’s because it’s a necessity.” – Chris Salerno


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You can email Chris at or follow him online: Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Check out QC Capital and join the Mindful Multi-Family Network to learn more.

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