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Small Axe Podcast

Jul 18, 2022

Welcome back to Small Axe Communities Podcast!


We are back with the second season and second episode of The Accountability Series. All of these participants have varying levels of experience in real estate, but not necessarily in commercial multi-family real estate. And that's what they're looking to do breaking into that space.


Nico meets with each of the participants once a quarter to track their progress. The objective is to see what it takes to become successful in this space over the course of a year. Every we quarter we come back and listen to what progressed they gained, acquired, and learned!


Let’s listen to Alex Tam, Chris Southerland Jr., and Christina Kovacs as they share their journey with us! 



[00:01 - 15:23] Alex Tam Segment

  • Alex and his wife Helen are both very involved in real estate and bring their daughter around to different events.
  • Every time Alex meets up in person or attends a conference, he comes out with so much energy and ideas.
  • Alex shares how to Find and Hire a Virtual Assistant
  • By that aspect of it, the VA is very helpful in running a business.
  • Helen and Valerie have started a separate company specifically for VA's, which helps businesses save money.
  • They advise using the right platforms for finding a VA, such as Facebook, online, and other online sources.
  • They also play a role in HR, ensuring that the VA is working on schedule and meeting the expectations of the business
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[16:46 - 31:27]Chris Southerland Jr. Segment

  • Chris is based out of the Dallas, Texas area and is working as a cybersecurity professional
  • He has been networking hard and has gotten into two LP deals in the past couple of months
  • Chris is in the process of raising capital to join his third deal, which will be a Joint Venture
  • LP deals are a good strategy for Nico because he can invest passively and get an education while someone else uses his money
  • Debt Retreats Affecting Home Buying
  • The current debt situation is causing lenders to retrace borrowers, which has impacted the ability of people to buy homes.
  • People are still buying homes despite high-interest rates, and the market is slowly adjusting to the changes.
  • Chris's plan for the next few months is to get into one JV deal
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[31:27 - Christina Kovacs

  • Christina is a real estate broker in South Florida and is also invested in multifamily real estate
  • She has two deals closed this past quarter and is also closing on a short-term rental tomorrow
  • Her single-family residential sales have been successful, but she's interested in expanding into the multifamily
  • Christina is transparent about her investment strategy and how it has worked in the past
  • Networking Can Lead to Multifamily Deals
  • She has shifted its focus from short-term rentals to multifamily and is looking for a team of people to help them with the process.
  • Her team are networking with people in order to find the right opportunity and partners.
  • Networking is important, and Christina recommends writing down notes from each networking call in order to remember what was discussed
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Tweetable Quotes


“People ask me, what can a VA do? I said, no, the question you should ask is what can a VA not do?” - Alex Tam


“Making actual, genuine relationships with people that you can use to build off of each other and improve each other's lives.” - Chris Southerland Jr.


“It's all these markets that we never considered because it's just unnecessary. Why not? People are making things happen there? Why don't we follow the people who are experts in that area and then build up and then who knows what deals come within that market once you're in that market.” - Christina Kovacs