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Small Axe Podcast

Jul 20, 2021

Welcome back to Small Axe Communities Podcast! 

We have reached the end of the second quarter of the year, and in this episode, we are back with the second episode of The Accountability Series.  Joining us today are three inspiring multifamily investors, with Jhae Antoc, Jonny Wilson, Joey Arico, and.  They are back to share how their businesses have grown and the valuable lessons that they have experienced in the past three months.

Let’s listen to Jhae, Jonny, and Joey and tap into their inspiring stories.


[00:01 - 26:19] Jhae Antoc: The Mindset of A New Investor

  • Jhae recaps his real estate experience from the past three months
  • The mindset of a new investor. 
  • The importance of constant education.
  • Sharing and networking.
  • Why he decided to hire a mindset/business coach.
  • Get exposures.
  • Appreciate your growth because seeds take time to grow.
  • Keep pushing and have faith in the process.
  • Jhae talks about his new market focus in Northwest Las Vegas.
  • The challenges of Phoenix’s market.
  • The needs and realization to pivot.
  • Jhae talks about his current focus to get deals
    • Creating content and reaching out to people
  • Provide value for people even when you are in the beginning stage.
  • The meet-up plan with Sai-Kit and Nancy Wong.
  • How to connect with Jhae.
    • See links below.


[26:20 - 51:50] Jonny Wilson, Joey Arico: Build Strength Through Showing Up.

  • Jonny and Joey recap their real estate experience from the past three months.
  • Finding the will to look at deals and repurposing theirs why.
  • The benefits of joining a community.
  • Jonny and Joey’s experience in creating their website.
  • The importance of having a website.
  • Why they are choosing the Phoenix market 
  • The local property manager and market.
  • The talk-tracks.
  • Build strength through showing up.
  • Time management.
  • Rely on clarity to overcome the lack of motivation
  • Broker’s script.
  • The vision of their marketing materials.
  • Educational driven marketing strategy.
  • Share the vulnerability and growth of their journey.
  • Make sure that we are ready when the deal comes.
    • Prioritizing our clients.
  • How to connect with Jonny and Joey
    • See links below.


Tweetable Quotes:

 “You can’t not educate yourself! when you educate yourself, you would sound more credible to people and able to make people more confident in you.”  - Jorge Rodriguez

“You build strength through showing up.” - Jonny Wilson

“If it’s not the matter of ‘ifs,’ then when.” - Joey Arico.

Resources Mentioned


Find out more and connect with Jhae, Jonny, and Joey, through the following:


Jhae:, and Facebook.

Jonny: (619-726-6673),, and Facebook 

Joey:,, and Facebook

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