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Small Axe Podcast

Oct 19, 2020

Today's guest is a bankruptcy attorney who spends his time as a real estate investor, Jeffrey Holst. He is also the co-host of the Old Fashioned Real Estate Show. After he succeeded in his career as an attorney, he hit rock bottom in life-altering circumstances simultaneously. That led him to his success in real estate. With his inspiring journey of life, he found his passion for helping others live the best version of their last life ever. 

Join us for this episode and learn more about real estate and The Last Life Ever philosophy 


[00:01 – 07:41] The Beginning of His Journey

  • I introduce the guest, Jeffrey Holst
  • Jeffrey talks about his background and life before real estate
    • He started as a bankruptcy attorney
    • Got diagnosed with Leukemia 
    • Piled with debt and faced bankruptcy
    • Bought real estate for passive income
    • Went into real estate full time
  • Overcome the negativity
    • Made a choice to never have a bad day 
  • Jeffrey talks about his bucket list 
  • Jeffrey shares his experience from reaching the top of the world to hitting rock bottom in such a short time
  • All you can do is point yourself in the right direction and hope it works out

[07:42 – 16:28] Rising Up from Bankruptcy 

  • Jeffrey shares his story of rising from bankruptcy 
    • Worked and earned from his father’s truck company 
    • Saved up the bonus and bought a real estate 
    • Lend some money to purchase some real estate
  • Stepping in the multi-family investment
    • Supported and partnered with some of his friends and family
  • Jump in full time in real estate and being financially free after six years
    • Still growing and expanding
    • Accumulate the money he has been putting in
  • If done right, Multi-family is an incredible wealth accelerator 
  • Jeffrey talks about the support that his wife has been giving to him
    • He shares the story of how his wife supports him in real estate
    • Prioritizing the income for business until a certain point

[16:29 – 24:28] The Last Life Ever Philosophy 

  • Jeffrey shares the story of his experience climbing Mount Kilimanjaro
  • The stories you tell about your past are the only thing that matters
    • How you frame what you think about in your past
  • Jeffrey talks about his charity book project “the Corona Virus Collective.”
    • Wrote by 30 different authors
    • All the profits go to charity 
  • The thing about travel is, you learn so much, enrich your life and impact others with your stories 
  • Jeffrey talks about ‘The Last Life Ever’ philosophy 
    • Living a full life that involves helping others and fulfilling your life purpose
    • So much more than just piling up cash
  • You have to follow your passion and do the things that make you be the best person you can be
    • You owe it to yourself, family, community, and even to the world 

[24:29 – 32:44] Multi-family vs. Single-family Investment

  • Jeffrey shares the advice and strategy in buying a multi-family vs. single family.
    • Multi-family is the greatest place to invest.
  • The apartment building is valued in a completely different way than single-family homes.
  • How to determine the values of single families
    • Commercial appraisal 
  • Jeffrey talks about Scaling syndications.
    • Three completely different deals
    • Find deals that make sense.
    • Scaling slowly and carefully 
  • Jeffrey talks about the real estate strategy, especially in this Pandemic situation.
    • Secure your long term debt the way to go

[32:45 – 36:01] Closing Segment

  • How to connect with Jeffrey
    • See links below
  • Imagine it's a hundred years from now, you have grandkids, and one of them decides to write a book about Derek Loda. What would you like the title to be and say about you?
    • "Jeff, Last Life Ever”
    • Because you only live once


Tweetable Quotes:

The biggest mistake I made in real estate was getting started in multi-family too late.” –  Jeffrey Holst

If done right, Multi-family is an incredible wealth accelerator.” –  Jeffrey Holst

I had so much opportunity open up to me since I started focusing more on helping others.” –  Jeffrey Holst

“If you are doing what you’re supposed to be doing, you are going to figure out a way to keep doing it, and you’re not gonna live a life of regret.” –  Jeffrey Holst


Resources Mentioned:

You can connect with Jeffrey Holst on LinkedIn and Facebook. Learn more about his life story and real estate journey by visiting his website at and 


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