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Small Axe Podcast

Aug 21, 2020

Today's guest is a CPA turned real estate investor, Mike Taravella. Mike is the asset manager at Rand Partners LLC. Growing up in a family fixated on a career in teaching or being an engineer at Chrysler, Mike, was the only one who wanted to get into businesses. Mike studied accounting and is a Certified Public Accountant. He started his journey working as an accountant for five years until he transitioned to working for startup companies, and is now also a real estate investor.

Let's dive into Mike's story about how "Fat Mike" turned his life upside down and is now using his abilities to help people move the needle on their dreams.

[00:01 – 05:36] Opening Segment

  • I introduce Mike Taravella
    • Asset manager at Rand Partners LLC
    • A CPA turned real estate investor
    • Worked professionally as an accountant for five years before joining Rand Partners
  • Mike tells us a bit of his background
    • Mike was the black sheep in their family; he wanted to do business while everyone was either a teacher or worked for Chrysler
    • A Certified Public Accountant
    • Worked professionally for five years in accounting
    • Started investing in real estate in 2016

[05:37 – 16:34] The Game Changer

  • Mike talks about the mindset shift from accounting to working for startup companies.
    • Physically hurting; overweight and stressed.
      • He was called "Fat Mike" at work
    • Boosted his confidence with working out
    • Getting to the same level as the team, making sure to provide value.
  • Why did you choose real estate?
    • Looking for a sense of control while creating wealth
  • Mike talks about the "defining moment" that made him realize he can accomplish even more
  • I share what this podcast is all about
    • Chopping down and taking down dreams
  • Mike gives advice before you go on cutting down on your dreams
    • Listening to podcasts
    • Reading books
    • Take action
    • Sharpening your axe by applying the things you learn day by day

[16:35 – 21:15] What Is in Store for Your Future?

  • Mike shares his love for teaching
    • Making an impact
  • Mike talks about one of his core purposes
    • Help a million people become an investor
  • People have different risk thresholds
    • What's risky for you might not be risky for others
  • Mike talks about their plans in Rand Partners heading into the future
    • Growing their investor base
    • Reach a billion assets under management

[21:16 – 26:50] Mentoring

  • Mike shares his experiences as a mentee and as a mentor.
    • Lowering barriers and being vulnerable
    • Making sure to connect with your mentee
    • Change the "I can't" to "how can I?"
  • I weigh in on the idea of "I can't."
    • In reality, you can accomplish a lot more than you think
  • Fuel your drive with all of those "you can't" from others

[26:51 - 30:25] Closing Segment

  • Imagine it's a hundred years from now, you have grandkids and one of them decides to write a book about Mike Taravella. What would you like the title to be? Or what characteristics would you like to be highlighted?
    • "I think the autobiography would be called ‘Game Changer.’ Just showing the path to evolution from "fat mike" who was in accounting. Who for five years really didn't know what he was doing until now I'm in real estate and I love every day where I'm working 6-7 days a week just trying to move the needle."
  • Get in touch with Mike online.
    • See below for social links.
  • Mike's call to action to learn more about multifamily
  • Final words from me


Tweetable Quotes:

"At times, it might be best to take a step back and look at what we can do to better our position. What we should really be focusing on. What specific task would really move the needle." – Nico Salgado

"Everyone can listen to a book and read a podcast, but taking that action or how can I help an existing group grow. Well, that's how I got my opportunity by taking that massive action." – Mike Taravella

"Every day, you have that opportunity to become what you want to be, and you just gotta remind yourself." – Mike Taravella


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