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Small Axe Podcast

Apr 11, 2022

Welcome back to Small Axe Communities Podcast’s Season 2 of the Accountability series!

We continue to make the first few months of 2022 exciting as we follow the journey of the three other brand new multifamily investors we should look out for. 

All of the guests on the accountability series podcast have one thing in common - They all began this journey without having any multifamily units under management. The objective is to track their journey throughout the course of a year to see exactly what it takes to become successful in this space. Nico meets with each participant once per quarter, to get updated on progress and to follow their journey!

Stick to the end of the show and learn more about Michael, Bob, and Chris’ journey thus far. Let’s dive in!


[00:01 – 20:59] Michael Sanchez: A Business that Looks after People

  • Mike saved for years before getting to Multifamily
    • Overcoming limiting beliefs
  • What the Adaptive Reuse concept is all about
    • A conversion from abandonment to multifamily
    • Permitting changes 
    • What Mike’s team looks out today
  • Mike and his sweet wife’s amazing role in the company
    • An invaluable part of the company
    • MTI’s story
    • How do they keep up with all they do
  • The current deals they do and operate on
  • Michael’s book title: People Helping People
  • Connect with Mike in the links below


[21:00 – 43:01] Bob Mastroianni: Consider your comfort

  • Bob was there when the market crashed
    • His strong foundation led to multifamily today
    • “Monopoly Plan”
  • You can’t retire off a single deal done
    • Millenials have less barriers
    • “You can’t shovel the sunshine”
  • People that Bob wants to partner with 
    • The deals that Bob considers
    • Bob’s plans for this upcoming quarter
  • Bob’s book title: The One Who Broke the Chain
    • He never thought that he could own a home
  • Connect with Bob through the links below


[43:02  – 01:04:56] Chris Southerland Jr.: The best way to turn your life around is now

  • A struggling young man who sought financial freedom
  • Why Chris wants to do more with real estate
    • His journey matters more than his destination
    • “I will” instead of “I hope so”
    • Chris takes his steps to changing the world little by little
  • What made Chris changed his mind
    • He entered college to “delay” life
    • The Aha! Moment: his friend’s death
  • Chris’ plans for his future deals
    • His target market
    • Earning while learning
    • A partnership with his dad
  • Balancing two great commitments
    • What Chris’ routine looks like
    • Reading books and listening to audiobooks
  • Chris’ book title: How my Grandpa used persistence to change the world
  • Connect with him through the links below

Find out more and connect with Michael, Bob, and Chris through the following:


Michael: reach his phone at 505 507 2358 

Bob: follow him at Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn

Chris:  follow him at LinkedIn, or shoot him an email at


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Tweetable Quotes:

“The more she [his wife] fell in love with the multifamily space and the flipping, the more she was able to insert herself and now she’s just an invaluable part of our company. Without her, we wouldn’t get this done.” - Michael Sanchez


“We built the company around the company. Our mission statement, our vision, is one with a family mission statement and vision statement.. It’s a constant re evaluation that the most important thing in life is being looked after.” - Michael Sanchez


“I think there’s definitely a really strong place for someone on a team who wants to get the deal and bring it to the table and then go get the next one.” - Bob Mastroianni


“One of the lessons that I learned so far is that it’s good to be open to any opportunity but you really do need to figure out what your criteria is and what’s going to work best for what you’re looking for.” - Bob Mastroianni


“Decisions don't matter. What matters is how we execute.” - Nico Salgado


“It’s with realizing that there’s more to life to make your own purpose up and you can take control of yourself and lead where you want to go.” - Chris Southerland Jr.