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Small Axe Podcast

Apr 4, 2022

Welcome back to Small Axe Communities Podcast’s Season 2 of the Accountability series!

We’re starting 2022 with a bang as we start to follow the journey of 6 brand new multifamily investors. All of the guests on the accountability series podcast have one thing in common - They all began this journey without having any multifamily units under management. The objective is to track their journey throughout the course of a year to see exactly what it takes to become successful in this space. Nico meets with each participant once per quarter, to get updated on progress and to follow their journey!

Stick to the end of the show and learn more about Alex Tam, Nancy Huynh, and Christina Kovacs. Let’s dive in!


[00:01 – 21:54] Alex Tam: The Diligent Chiropractor turned Investor

  • We get to know more about Alex the Chiropractor
    • Realizing early on that this is a team sport
  • Alex’s current approach to deals and his future partnerships
  • Alex’s big goals for 2022
    • How Alex plans to cover their living expenses
    • Alex’s tips to others: it’s all about connection
  • Alex’s core values you should also apply to you
  • Alex’s book title: Generational Impact
  • Connect to Alex in the links below

[21:55 – 41:20] Christina Kovacs: Overcoming Limited Beliefs

Here’s a bit about Christina:

Christina has been a Realtor in Florida since 2010 and Broker/Owner of The Home Agency since 2014. Her experience in the Real Estate industry started when she was 20 years old as a loan officer in the subprime mortgage industry. Apart from the servicing side of RE, she has been an active real estate investor since 2010. To date she has flipped or held >$5 mil in residential real estate holdings throughout FL, VT & CT. She is currently focused on growing her multifamily portfolio and is an LP in 670 units. She holds a BA in Philosophy with a minor in Business Admin from FIU. She is an avid traveler with a love for hosting great parties and lives by the motto "Find it. Live it." Sitting on the sidelines and hoping to achieve a goal won't get you anywhere. Take action and keep progressing forward.


  • Let’s get to know Christina and her journey early on
    • Why she liked Jake and Gino community
  • Christina wants to do capital raising this year
    • How the switch happened
    • Her loving family’s help and support
  • Her plans for this year for her deals
    • Christina loves boots-in-the-ground deal
    • Excitement for syndication opportunities
  • Christina’s book title: She Found It and Lived It
  • Connect to Christina in the links below


[41:21  – 01:05:16]  Nancy Huynh: Don’t wait for courage to take action

Here’s a bit about her: 

Nancy is a physician, eye surgeon, and impact real estate investor.   As an ophthalmologist, she helps people see better so they can regain their identity, dignity, and vision for the future.  Nancy started investing in real estate to create passive income, hoping to regain control of her time and stop trading time for money.  She currently owns and operates a real estate investment portfolio in the Atlanta area.

She founded Clear Vision Investing to not only grow her own portfolio but also to help others realize the power of real estate investing.  She is passionate about helping others, especially physicians, gain financial literacy and achieve financial security through real estate investing.

As an impact investor, Nancy believes that real estate investing can deliver attractive financial returns while also making a positive social impact.  Part of the profits from her company is donated to give the gift of sight to someone in need.   Using real estate, she’s on a mission to cure preventable blindness globally.

Nancy is a graduate of Yale University and Harvard Medical School.  She currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia with her amazing husband and two young daughters.


  • Let’s get to know more about Nancy
    • Nancy shares where she is currently in the journey
    • Handling her main job and her real estate passion
  • Jake and Gino community resonates with Nancy
  • Success principles from Nancy
    • Action generates courage
    • There’s never failure just feedback
  • How nancy handles her current and future deals
    • Getting out of her closet
  • Nancy’s book title: Making an Impact one day at a time
  • Connect to Nancy in the links below


Find out more and connect with Alex, Christina, and Nancy through the following:


Alex: Call or Text him at 707 416 2681, Shoot him an email at and reach out to his Facebook, and check out


Christina: Call or text her at 305 746 2783, shoot her an email at check out her website Find her on social media by searching her name.


Nancy: Shoot her an email at Don’t forget to check out her website 

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Tweetable Quotes:

“One of the things that I learned from the Get-Go is that Real Estate is a team sport. My wife and I realized we can’t do this on our own.” - Alex Tam


“One of my core values is being inspirational, having the discipline and accountability and seeing that in everybody that’s been huge and I would love to continue doing the work with our current operators and people who have the same true values, mission and vision.” - Alex Tam


“This group makes what seems impossible possible. It’s so rewarding and inspiring just to be part of the group. [Jake and Gino Community]” - Christina Kovacs


“There is a growth mindset in that community that is contagious. That really attracted me to the Jake and Gino community.” - Nancy Huynh


“You’re not gonna get from step 1 to 10 overnight. Maybe you got to step 5, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get there to step 10.” - Nancy Huynh