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Small Axe Podcast

Sep 20, 2021

In today’s podcast, we have the very energetic Keke Williams speak to us about how she and her partner, Peter, empower individual investors to create the financial freedom to live their dreams. Peter and Keke co-founded Global Investor Alliance to help people obtain the mindset strategies and tools to create recurring income from recession resilient real estate investments that have ultimately accelerated their own wealth building success. Through their US multifamily GP partnerships, they currently manage a portfolio of 1000+ doors across four projects in three metros valued at over $200 million. Additionally, with their America's farmland and agribusiness GP partnerships, they currently operate over 70 million Australian dollars across nearly 1000 hectares of farmland. Kekei spent 20 years in management, consulting and corporate sales and marketing prior to embarking on their full time real estate investing adventures. They have applied their collective corporate skills, experience and networks to their real estate investing pursuits in a way that empowers others to live their best life and also quenching their thirst for service global travel and adventure. 

This episode is going to be very educational especially to most of us who are not so familiar with investing in farms. If this is something that you might be interested in, make sure to tune in until the end or reach out to Keke through the links below to know more about this topic! 


[00:01 – 15:45] Opening Segment

  • I introduce our guest, Keke Williams
  • Connect with Keke through the links below
  • Keke shares about her background
    • Started with banking
    • Learned how to manage and evaluate risks 
    • Used to help her parents sell houses
    • Started learning about single family homes
    • Tried mobile home parks syndications
    • Figuring out multifamily investing with her partner 
  • Going through trial and error and finding the right fit 

[15:46 – 24:06]  Investing with Friends and Family

  • The importance of having a growth mindset
  • The cons of having a traditional mindset 
  • Sharing her experience in investing to friends and family
    • Investing is not for everybody
    • People worry about bad investments 
  • How investing empowers people 
    • Feeling good about what you’re investing in 
    • People have to be interested in it


[24:07 – 39:52]  The Challenges and Rewards of Investing in Farms


  • Keke talks about her investing mistakes 
  • Investing in farms in Colombia 
  • Expenses of operating the farm

[39:52 - 42:52] Closing Segment

  • Keke shares her biography title
  • Connect with Keke through the links below
  • Final words


Tweetable Quotes:

“I think that we are happier if we adjust our expectations to the realization that it's always like, everything is a growth thing. Like you never get it right. And you never get it done. You know, it's just because life is that journey.” - Keke Williams 

Find out more and connect Keke Williams through her email at or checkout her website at


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