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Small Axe Podcast

Jun 13, 2022

Welcome back! Today we are joined by Dan Kreuger, Dan worked in finance for a Fortune 500 company before making the jump into multifamily investing and entrepreneurship. He's never looked back. Together, Anthony and Dan founded Invictus Capital, a multifamily acquisition firm based in Minneapolis, MN that provides busy working professionals with the opportunity to Invest Better. As the hosts of the Multifamily Investing Made Simple podcast and authors of Passive Investing Made Simple, Anthony and Dan are spreading the word that investing doesn't have to be complicated, scary, or overwhelming. 

In this episode, we will learn how Dan shares his tips for starting, managing risk, and maintaining your real estate business into a beneficial passive investing. With no further ado Let’s Dive in!

[00:00 - 09:16] Opening Segment 


  • Dan Kreuger is a co-founder of Invictus Capital 
  • He was raised in a traditional route, with less money at an average.
  • He studied finance and realized it wasn’t serving him well. 
  • Dan developed a habit reading entrepreneurial books and later on stumble upon real estate and got hooked up with it.
  • When he started doing real estate it came natural to him. He find real estate revving im up.
  • Dan shares his experience with his first six unit deal. 
  • Dan has a phobia of being too salesy, and so by default, doesn't want to be that cousin who's selling life insurance at family events.
  • He made a conscious effort not to pitch people around him, instead putting up content online that was just real estate 101 informational videos.
  • People started asking questions about the content, and it usually ended in them buying the content or learning more about real estate.
  • Dan ventually partnered with anthony and created a brand around being the go-to place for real estate education.

[09:17 - 28:15] Tips for Starting a Real Estate Business

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  • You have to start a real estate business to do what we're doing.
  • A lot of people actually heard Anthony presented in this context at an event thinking they want to invest in real estate. In reality, the active role is starting a real estate business.
  • Dan added that  if you ask people who wants to start a real estate business as opposed to who wants to invest in real estate, a lot of those hands go down. 
  • Passive Investors Want to Know What to Look for in Operator Communication
  • Repeat investors typically communicate with operators and what to look for in communication.
    • There are different types of people out there, it can be difficult to communicate with all of them in a way that is effective.
    • Communication is a core key to build a successful business and maintaining that investor and operator relationship.
    • It's important to focus on the story when communicating with potential investors, and to be passionate about the deal.


[28:13 - 34:31] Real Estate Investor Tips for Managing Risk

  • Some people are scared of real estate investing, and don't understand the risks involved
  • To help mitigate this, Dan recommends setting clear risk parameters and discussing them with potential investors.
  •  He also recommends focusing on the key benefits of real estate, such as the cash flow and tax benefits.
  • How the company wants to have the biggest impact possible through its property management and private equity investments.
  • Dan’s company hopes to have a lasting legacy by impacting as many lives as possible.


[34:31 – 36:14] Closing Segment.

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You may also Listen to his show with Anthony Vincino Multifamily Investing Made Simple  


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“I think a lot of people end up finding that they value a heck of a lot more than maximizing how much money they're making is maximizing how efficiently they're using their time. And so I think a lot of people would opt to make 20 to 25% passively than 30 to 35% actively, unless they active. I mean, quit your job. Go start a new business. Cause that's really what it is. You have to start a real estate business to do what we're doing.” - Dan Kreuger