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Small Axe Podcast

Dec 20, 2021

Welcome back to today’s show!

Let’s welcome the guests to today’s show, Andre and Ike.


Who is Andre Evans?

A native of Chicago, Illinois, Andre joined a gang on the South Side of Chicago at the age of 12. After years of violence through fights, drive-by shootings, and other actions, Andre decided to pursue a better path in life. In 2016, he graduated from the U.S Naval Academy at the top of his class with a degree in Engineering and became an MIT Fellow and Truman Scholar. Today, Andre is an Active-Duty Supply Corps Officer, experienced in accounting, sales, and the management of over $3.8 million in high-value assets. 

Andre’s journey into real estate started when he bought his first $2 million dollars 4 unit property in the Pacific Beach Submarket of San Diego. One month later he participated as a Limited Partner in a 7 unit Syndication deal in Coronado. Today, Andre owns 91 doors as a GP actively hosts a meetup group called “San Diego Opportunity Knocks – Real Estate & Financial Freedom” which has a total of over 355 members and is the host of the “Multifamily by the Slice” real estate podcast. He is also an expert on the San Diego rental market and was featured on KUSI News San Diego to talk about the economic outlook of real estate trends, housing, and rent growth within San Diego. 

He is the Founder and CEO of “That’s My Property”, a real estate business that specializes in the acquisition of value-add apartment complexes that not only provides investors with lucrative, stable returns to achieve financial freedom, but that provides financial education and outreach to young adults and youth in underserved communities. 


Who is Ike Ekeh? 

Ike Ekeh, MBS/MSF, is a career investor across several asset classes. He is the lead portfolio manager and equity strategist at a boutique investment firm with 9 figures of assets under management. Sins obtaining an undergraduate degree in accounting and two graduate degrees in business and finance, he has spent his professional career investing in equities on behalf of high net worth clients and a real estate portfolio on behalf of his family. He deeply understands investing across all asset classes and has a passion for the hands-on investment opportunity real estate provides. His portfolio currently consists of holdings in the Phoenix, AZ, and Cleveland, OH MSAs. He is currently shifting his regional focus to the southeast with a 39 unit deal under contract in the Nashville, TN MSA and expanding his business to provide opportunities for investors to take part in his real estate projects moving forward.


Please tune in throughout the episode to learn more about their inspiring journey!


[00:01 – 10:23] Opening Segment 

  • I introduce our guest, Andre and Ike
  • Let’s get to know our guests
    • Andre shares more into his story
      • Living life with no regrets
      • Making it past 21 years old
    • Ike shares more into his story
      • Ike’s family story
      • Finding self back in the Real Estate business
  • What Andre and Ike does together right now
  • Connect with our guests, Andre and Ike through the links below


[10:24 – 17:21] Andre Evans: Real Life and Real Estate Experience

  • How Andre got started on the Real Estate Space


  • “Do you know what multifamily is?” 


  • Moving forward by moving his mom’s home to Phoenix
  • Andre shares about his Christian background
  • The syndication “kindergarten”
  • Getting educated about the multifamily niche and strategies
  • Connect with our guest, Andre, through the links below


[17:22 – 29:19] Ike Ekeh: Confident Leveraging of others Properties

  • Ike shares how he got into the Real Estate business
  • Shredding resources into his ears, mind, and heart
  • Ike was more interested in single family homes
  • Ike taught himself how to underwrite
  • Not investing locally
  • The confidence to do deals all over again
  • Joining the Jake and Gino Investment Group
  • Connect with our guest, Ike, through the links below


[29:20 – 42:50] The Struggles and Successes with the 75-Unit

  • The things Ike learned
    • Little to no time with the property
    • Platforms Andre used to work on the property
    • Relationships developed with the work
    • Being mentally prepared
    • Legal connections and preparations
    • Showing up on Social Media
  • Andre’s musings
    • He wished he could have built more Social Media presence
    • Developing and establishing relationships with people
    • Committing without planning
    • Documenting what you do and what you learn


[42:51 - 49:39] Closing Segment

  • Andre’s Story: “Fearless” 
    • A purposeful driven life
  • Ike: “There Was No Limits”
  • Connect with Andre and Ike through the links below
  • Final words


Tweetable Quotes:

“I did a lot of things that I’m not silly proud of but at the same time I really don’t have regrets, because they really made me value a lot about life, and I used a lot of principles as a gangster in Real Estate.” - Andre


"I wouldn’t have it any other way different. I’m so glad that I did not invest locally.” - Ike


"I gained not only the knowledge but the confidence to do it all over again.” - Ike


"The real leverage in Real Estate is leveraging other people’s time, and other people’s experiences.” - Ike


“Don’t throw away all the shots even though you have all the slots.” - Andre


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