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Small Axe Podcast

Aug 22, 2022

Welcome back! Small Axe Community! Today we have Jason Stubblefield! 


Jason has been investing in real estate for over 10 years. He started with single-family homes and has since moved into the multifamily real estate space. He scaled his portfolio to over 1000 multifamily units in just a few years. Jason grew up in a lower-class family and was always mindful of the tenants that he served. That concern led him to transition his company into the affordable housing space. His company is now devoted to helping solve the affordable housing crisis while maintaining strong returns for his company and its investors.   


Prior to becoming a full-time multifamily entrepreneur, Jason spent over 11 years of experience in software development and has a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from the University of Memphis. He is also a United States Marine Corps veteran.


Join us today as we learn how Jason and his team built S&S Capital Partners which specializes and improving multifamily properties and their focus on acquiring income-producing properties.


[00:00 - 07:56] Opening Segment

  • Jason Stubblefield is a real estate investor with over 10 years of experience. 
  • He transitioned his company into the affordable housing space and now helps solve the affordable housing crisis. 
  • Jason is also a veteran and has a bachelor's degree in computer science from the University of Memphis.
  • Jason is a general partner in all the deals that S&S capital partners do, and he focuses on acquisition and asset management. He also helps raise capital for the company.
  • Jason's advice for aspiring real estate investors is to create a system where investors can come to you easily and be consistent with your content. He says it takes time and effort


[07:56 - 16:36] How to make your affordable housing project more successful

  • Somebody can reach out to you and set up a meeting with you through the S&S capital partners' website or social media.
  • The best conversations with investors are those who have heard me before, as they are already primed and understand my message.
  • It is important to have teams in order to do deals of this size, as one person cannot do it alone.
  • Affordable housing refers to rent that is at 80% of the area's median income or less.
  • There are many programs under the affordable housing umbrella, such as section 8 and government incentives.
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[16:36 - 23:52] How to Make an Investment in Multifamily Property without Sacrificing Yield

  • Jason tried to find deals like the one he lost out on, but it became increasingly difficult as investors looked for higher yields and less risk.
  • He found a mentor who taught him about tax credits and partnered with the government to make beautiful properties affordable for tennis players.
  • Jason has similar experiences to his own and has overcome limiting beliefs about money and success by searching for opportunities.


[25:19 - 28:40] Closing Segment

Connect with Jason by visiting their website at


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Tweetable Quotes:


“Affordable housing is like this umbrella under which a lot of different programs fall underneath. 

So if you're making 80% of what area median income, then how much are you paying for rent? And if you can get rent at 30% of your salary, then that was what we technically call affordable. Right? So just no more than 30%. What happens though is cause you got market dynamics, supply-demand, whatever people are paying 35 or 45 or even 55% of their income just on rent.

So making it affordable is trying to fall underneath that 30% threshold.” - Jason Stubblefield

“There are people who have different sets of problems. The problem is not money anymore. It's problems like how can I save and not give as much of that money to taxes, or now there's even non-profits or funds that have quotas that they have just gathered so many dollars from pensioning funds or whatever, and they need a place to put all that money, like billions of dollars. So it's interesting to think about that. You know, you find what you're looking for. So once you start searching you start finding those answers.” - Jason Stubblefield