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Small Axe Podcast

Oct 4, 2021

Welcome back to Small Axe Communities Podcast! 


We have reached the end of the third quarter of the year, and in this episode, we are back with the third episode of The Accountability Series.

All of the guests on the accountability series podcast have one thing in common - They all began this journey without having any multifamily units under management. The objective is to track their journey throughout the course of a year to see exactly what it takes to become successful in this space. Nico meets with each participant once per quarter, to get updated on progress and to follow their journey!


Let’s listen to Brian, George, and Chad and tap into their inspiring stories.


[00:01 - 28:17] Brian Hemedinger: The Switch to Capital Raising

  • Brian shares his shift to Capital Raising 
  • Brian has an overall LLC - Maebar Capital
  • What Brian’s Capital Raising journey has been so far
    • Building a legitimate and high-level Website 
  • Some notes on productivity
  • Thoughts on creating his own podcast
  • More on Multifamily Investment
  • Personal Conversations and Connections
  • Growth Mindset only
  • Just doing what you need to do
    • Learning comes from just doing it
  • How to connect with Brian.
    • See links below.


[28:18 - 49:55] Chad Tucker: Moving Forward along with your Setbacks 

  • Chad recaps how he has been for the past months
  • Completely forming an LLC
  • Experiencing procrastination, fighting, and recovering from it
  • Great Multi Family connections
  • Staying on our own lane: great teamwork ethic
  • Chad is consistent with guarding Family Time
  • Having an awesome Accountability Group
  • Systematized processes 
  • Everything is a work in progress
  • Connections are everywhere!
  • On moving forward
    • The pieces already fit
  • How to connect with Chad
    • See links below.


[49:56 - 1:09:53] George Rodriguez: The Good Mentor

  • George recaps his advancements in his multifamily journey
  • George’s 18 year old apprentice
    • His retail broker partner he is having role playing with
  • The Art of Listening
  • Finding the balance between many deals
  • Incredible team mates
  • Young minds whom George connects with
  • George’s Deal Criteria
  • George’s future real estate plans
    • Raising Awareness
  • How to connect with George
    • See links below.

Tweetable Quotes:


It feels a little bit daunting if you haven’t been doing this, however, it’s just like working out or anything else, just put it in your schedule and just block it out like it's any other appointment and regardless of what is going on just do it. If you’re not feeling creative, do it anyway. And that’s how to get in the discipline of just doing it.”  - Brian Hemedinger

“When you go to a team, you need to be open to take on roles that you are just not comfortable with.- Chad Tucker

“I think one of the challenges right now is you can get overwhelmed with too many deals and too many properties coming into your desk, but you want to focus on deals that have more potential, but then at the same time find the balance.” - George Rodriguez

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