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Small Axe Podcast

Oct 25, 2021

Justin is The Cash Flow Pro! As an elite engineer turned multifamily real estate investor, Justin loves to use his God-given strengths to help others. Justin is most active in the acquisition of mom-and-pop multifamily assets and holds a professional real estate license in Indiana and Michigan. Justin is an avid believer in the POWER OF PROXIMITY and that YOUR NETWORK IS YOUR NET WORTH. In less than 1 year since leaving corporate America, Justin has closed over $4.2MM in real estate sales and his first apartment building deal. At 26 years old, Justin encourages everyone to invest in real estate for retirement - whether that be actively or passively.

I hope that through this inspiring episode, you get ahold of yourself and make what seems to be very impossible, possible. If you are interested in learning about why Proximity is powerful and getting valuable things from Justin Wawrzyniak, make sure to tune in until the end or reach out to Justin through the links below to know more about this topic! 


[00:01 – 16:53] Opening Segment 

  • I introduce our guest, Justin Wawrzyniak
  • Connect with Jonathan through the links below
  • Justin got a unique background - he was quite rebellious
  • His corner where he did reflections that turned his life around
  • The importance of having high-achieving friends
  • Full transition to Real-Estate
  • Justin’s pent of fear of transition - being an investor is NOT easy
  • Being deeply moved by the crowd favorite book

[16:54 – 32:26] Getting to the bottom of the Power of Proximity

  • Buy things that will pay for you!
  • The confidence to do the transition
  • Literally starting from the bottom - Justin’s basement life
  • Justin finding the true purpose of his passion
  • Justin didn’t want to wait - he looked for the best partners
  • Justin’s current projects with his team
  • Building relationships with who you connect with
  • The system Justin and his team uses for leads and deals closing
    • Connect to Justin to grab ahold of his offer through his links below


[32:27 - 35:53] Closing Segment

  • Justin Wawrzyniak: Not Perfect, but the Best Man I Could Be
  • Connect with Justin through the links below
  • Final words


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Tweetable Quotes:

I made a mistake: now, what am I going to do about it?” - Justin Wawrzyniak


I was scared at first, but once doing it, I already know how to create income for myself. It doesn’t matter what the economic state of the country is, I can still get out there and hustle, and provide for myself and not have to depend on employment.” - Justin Wawrzyniak


Buy things that will pay for you; buy businesses, buy real estate, buy things that can pay you, instead of continually throwing your money away buying liabilities.” - Nico Salgado

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