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Small Axe Podcast

Aug 21, 2020

Joshua Roosen is a Community Director at Jake & Gino. Joshua was on track to becoming a doctor, but he met a mentor who helped him realize that he could do something more. Joshua explored the world of entrepreneurship, but unfortunately, it didn't go as he planned. On the verge of being kicked out by his parents, Joshua picked up his small axe and used it to chop his way into the real estate world.

Let's dive into Joshua's story of how he wants to change the world for the better.

Things you will learn in this episode:

[00:01 – 05:11] Opening Segment

  • I introduce Joshua Roosen
    • Community Director at Jake & Gino
  • Joshua talks about his background and how his journey to real estate began
    • His aunt gave him the book Rich Dad Poor Dad
    • Wanted to become a doctor
    • A mentor discouraged him from taking the path to becoming a doctor

[05:12 – 11:34] It's all about the mindset

  • Joshua advises the people putting all their efforts at a W-2 job
    • A paycheck is the most powerful drug
    • Time is the one asset that you can't get more of
    • There are no do-overs in life
  • It all starts with having an open mind
  • Joshua talks about some of the different vehicles to financial independence
  • Have a very strong "why"
    • Joshua talks about his "why"

[11:35 – 19:39] Moving Towards Our Goals

  • Joshua talks about what you can do with your small axe to start chopping down on your dreams
    • Treat your time as the most valuable asset
    • Find a mentor
    • Believe that you can and find a way to add value
  • Here's some advice on how you can get a mentor
    • Show them that you can add value
  • Put in the time and effort

[19:40 – 28:39] Joshua's Dreams and Goals

  • Joshua talks about his dreams and goals
    • Have the free time to spend with his family
    • Reach his full potential
    • Help others
  • Joshua weighs in on the "Go-Giver" mindset
  • Have you ever pushed the snooze button because you feel like you hit the wall? What do you do to overcome when you're feeling unmotivated or alone?
  • Joshua talks about the first multifamily real estate deal he made
    • If you are interested in investing in multifamily, here's advice from Joshua that you don't want to miss

[28:40 – 33:34] Closing Segment

  • Imagine it's a hundred years from now, you have grandkids, and one of them decides to write a book about Joshua Roosen. What would you like the title to be? Or what characteristics would you like to be highlighted?
    • Changing the World for the Better. I would love to empower others through their purpose through financial education. And be a light in this world to help people become more financially literate through the vehicle of multifamily real estate investing
  • Get in touch with Joshua online. See below for social links.
  • Final words from Joshua and me


Tweetable Quotes:

"Your time is the one asset you can't get more. You can have as much money as you want, but the time is ending one second at a time. And when you realize that and you start valuing it, you want the money to work for you rather than you trading time for money." – Joshua Roosen

"Paycheck is the most powerful drug. Because it's safe and secure, but sometimes if we really want to achieve our highest and biggest dreams and goals. We have to break that pattern. Get rid of those drugs, break the chains, and move on to something that will be really beneficial." – Nico Salgado

"Education is the only investment someone can make that's gonna reduce risk and maximize upside." – Joshua Roosen


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You can connect with Joshua on LinkedIn and Instagram. Send him an email at or visit their website

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