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Small Axe Podcast

Jun 27, 2022

Welcome back! Today we are joined by Dave Dubeau, Dave is the creator of the Money Partner Formula, and he works with mom ‘n pop real estate investors and helps them to get started with raising capital. He’s a best-selling author and speaker based in Beautiful British Columbia, Canada. He began his real estate investing career in 2003 doing 18 deals in 18 months and nowadays he invests passively in multi-family properties.



[00:00 - 07:50] Opening Segment


  • Dave Dubueau shares that when he was starting out, he tried different methods to raise capital but found them all unsuccessful.
  • He now recommends that people begin their search for capital by focusing on their network of friends and family first.
  • Having Investors line up first and then finding a deal created the Money Partner Formula
  • This process works well for those looking to raise up their capitals.



[07:51 - 16:03] How to Reach Out to Prospective Investors Effectively

  • In order to reconnect with potential investors, Dave sends out a few emails, reconnecting on a personal level and reminding them of his past successes in real estate.
  • The third email is the transition message, where Dave gives potential investors information about his upcoming marketing efforts. 
  • He recommends one completed deal as proof of experience and advises against relying on past success alone.


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[16:03 - 24:49] How to Raise Capital Easily and Efficiently

  • Dave adds that they want to keep it light and get people the gist of what they are doing.

Leaving an impression that they know what they are doing.

  • For our clients, having a series of communications is recommended before asking for capital: an investor website, weekly communications, and video logs.
  • Having a goal for clients to have a portfolio of properties that generates a monthly profit.
  • Helping their clients set up these communications and content


[24:50 - 33:00] Closing Segment

  • Dave pointed out that, not to undermine one successful deal, because you are ahead of the 95% General Population that has never purchased.
  • Dave also advises that if you’re doing Real Estate it’s our responsibility to educate our friends and family about it.
  • Final words

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“And don't make assumptions because quite often, at least what I've found in life is the people you least expect to be ready, willing, and able to invest are the ones that are, and quite often the people that are all flash ain't got no cash.” - Dave Dubeau