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Small Axe Podcast

Jun 21, 2021

Welcome back to Small Axe Communities Podcast!

In today’s episode, we are joined by Savannah Arroyo, a.k.a. The Networth Nurse. She's a full-time registered nurse in Los Angeles, California. She uses her skills as a leader in healthcare operations to manage multi-family syndications. She also helps busy professionals create passive income through real estate investing.

Let’s listen to Savannah and tap into her inspiring story.

[00:01 – 05:07] Opening Segment 

  • Let’s get to know Savannah Arroyo
  • Savannah shares her background and how she got to where she is today.
    • She shares the beginning of her journey in real estate investment.
    • From single-family to multifamily syndication.

[05:08 – 20:14] Develop A Strong Relationship Within Your Team

  • Savannah talks about the education piece of investing in real estate.
    • Podcasts and books.
    • Why she is very passionate about her podcast.
  • Savannah shares about her first syndication experiences.
  • Some tips to get into real estate investing and syndication during the pandemic.
    • Research of the market.
  • Why she chooses the Oregon market.
  • The investment in a coaching program and a mentor to solidify her underwriting skills.
  • Savannah shares about her market investment returns and growth.
    • Underwrite conservatively.
  • Build a strong relationship with the property management team.
  • Savannah shares her bad experiences and learning lesson on dealing with the wrong management team.

[20:15 – 28:35] Creativity in Leveraging The Good Debt

  • Savannah shares how she got the information about the storage unit in the area.
  • Savannah talks about the current multifamily syndication that she is working on.
  • Another advantage of investing in Oregon as an energy-efficient and green state.
  • The risk capital
  • Creativity in leveraging good debt.
  • How to balance the W2, job parenting life, and real estate.
    • Get super specific on your “Why.”
    • Reverse-engineer your goals to lay out the blueprint.

[28:36 – 32:33] Closing segment

  • If your great-great grandkids are to write a book about you, how would you like it to be titled? 
    • Perseverance, the leadership, do the right thing, spread love to others.
  • Connect with Savannah.
    • See the links below. 
  • Final words from Savannah and me.

Tweetable Quotes:

When you write down the ‘why’ of your goals, it gives you so much more motivation especially when things get hard to keep persevere and push through.”- Savannah Arroyo.

“You have to be creative in leveraging good debt in the equity that you already have available.” - Savannah Arroyo.

“it was very important for us to research the market and the trend that was going on in the city we were investing in, especially when we are getting into real estate investing syndication during the pandemic ” - Savannah Arroyo.

Find out more and connect with Savannah on Linkedin, Instagram and Youtube Or you can visit her website at

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