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Small Axe Podcast

Apr 18, 2022

As real estate investors, should we heavily focus on cash flow? My guests, Fernando Arias and Anna Latysheva argue otherwise as they emphasize the significance of looking into long-term appreciation and reinvestment.

Listen to the gems as they share how they started learning about the space, figuring out what they need to do to be successful, and how they continued to grow the business by acquiring properties. Surely, it will not be an overnight process to achieve success. What matters is the amount of effort you put into it.

Stick to the end of the show and learn more about Fernando and Anna’s journey thus far. Let’s listen in!


[00:01 – 12:13] How Mindset and Abundance Direct to Success

  • Shifting the focus on mindset and abundance
    • Understanding scalability
  • Connect and analyze deals to achieve your goals
    • How to become more comfortable with underwriting
    • Acknowledging the value of the community
  • Off to learn on your own
    • Embracing the gradual process of learning

[12:14 – 30:29] The Engineering Experience in Multifamily Investing

  • Utilize your experience in the field
    • Acquiring multifamily properties in Denver
    • Finding opportunities through connections
    • Legal challenges to face
  • The risks of owning a property through a lending program
    • How borrowing may have more potential pros but also more potential cons
    • Why opt for an attorney for guidance
  • Face challenges head-on
    • Investing in low-yield markets
    • Aiming for stability and growth in their assets
    • Tackling labor shortage

[36:30  – 44:56] Creating Impact in the Real Estate Sphere

  • Be self-sufficient and less reliant on the W2s
    • Earning a decent return on your investment
    • How capital and effort matter in the real estate realm
  • Fernando and Anna’s plans for future deals
    • Working in the business vs. working on the business
    • The truth about struggling
  • Connect with them through the links below

Find out more and connect with Fernando and Anna through the following:


Fernando: reach his phone at 720.682.7249 and email

Anna: reach her phone at 941.225.3807 and email



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Tweetable Quotes:

“At the end of the day, it's a business, and there is an aspect of scale to it.” - Anna Latysheva


“Cash flow to them [passive investors] is not so important today, because they might love their jobs, they do not want to quit, but and they don't really care about passive cash flow today. But they want to keep growing and stacking their wealth.” - Anna Latysheva


“It's very easy to work in a business, right? Because you feel like man, I'm responsible for what's happening today. It's really difficult to work on a business where you take a step back and say, Hey, this is what I'm really struggling with.” - Fernando Arias


“We truly believe that everybody's connected, and we're here to do our dues and to make everybody's life better and elevate everybody along the way.” - Anna Latysheva