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Small Axe Podcast

Nov 1, 2021

Vince’s real estate experience began early in life. His family has always shared the value of property investments, passing on the knowledge and the assets from generation to generation. After he graduated from Santa Clara University with a degree in Business Management, he started his career in Risk Management for construction and development. He found himself getting close to different development projects, contractors and seeing how the property landscape was rapidly evolving in the Bay Area. He started investing in syndications right out of college, seeing the power that equity growth could bring. He eventually became a Partner and Owner at his Brokerage after growing his client base and adding significant value to his firm.

He has built a meaningful network of like-minded real estate entrepreneurs and had success with his acquisitions across the domestic U.S., targeting markets that are poised for growth. He plans to bring the same level of success he has seen from these efforts to his client base at Laurence Rose Capital, so they all can share in the promise of building generational wealth for their families. Vince is an active Member of the Board of the Santa Clara University Bronco Builders Association, Construction Financial Managers Association (CFMA), and United Contractors Association. He is also passionate about giving back, active as a contributing board member with a number non-profit and community organizations aimed at supporting education and healthcare in the Bay Area.

We can surely learn a lot from Vince, so make sure to tune in until the end or reach out to him through the links below to know more about this topic! 


[00:01 – 12:53] Opening Segment 

  • I introduce our guest, Vince Scolari
  • Connect with Vince through the links below
  • Vince is a Jake and Gino Community member as well
  • Vince’s grandparents saw the developments of Silicon Valley throughout the decades
  • Real Estate lesson from Vince’s grandparents
  • Educating himself more than “following the leader”
  • Vince’s first investment was a downturn

[12:54 – 27:15] Aaaaa

  • The Hard Lessons Vince Learned
  • Unsafe Hazards and Heart burns
  • Where Vince focuses in currently 
  • Commercial Space as a unique market
  • New learning experiences 
  • What Vince enjoys doing in the Real Estate industry
  • Exciting opportunities at Vince’s hand
  • Vince’s projects for next year
  • Talking to younger inventors and entrepreneurs
  • It takes time to convert investors and business growth

[27:16 - 30:25] Closing Segment

  • If Vince’s descendants wrote a book about him: “Community”
  • Connect with Vince through the links below
  • Final words


Tweetable Quotes:

“I wouldn’t trade it for the world, the experience was worth every penny.” - Vince Scolari


“People see the value, yet also there are people who are protective of what they don’t know. It’s our job to talk about what they don’t know and get them as comfortable as possible.” - Vince Scolari


“Businesses are in a very slow moving sales cycle.” - Vince Scolari

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