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Small Axe Podcast

Aug 1, 2022

Welcome back! Small Axe Community! Let’s welcome back Dave Seymour!

Dave is a retired 16-year veteran of the Fire Service who launched his Real Estate career over 15 years ago, rapidly becoming one of the country's top investors. Dave is considered a leading expert in commercial multifamily transactions. His success in business and Real Estate put him on the radar of the A&E television network as well as multiple news organizations like CBS, ABC, CNBC, and FOX News. "Flipping Boston" aired on A&E for multiple seasons. Dave is a no-nonsense investor with zero tolerance for inefficiency and speculation. He has helped accredited investors on their very first deal as well as guided some of the largest investment firms in the nation through complex transactions. Dave's blue-collar attitude in a white-collar world is why investors seek his advice and want to invest alongside his team at Freedom Venture Investments. Dave has disrupted the Private Equity landscape allowing investors to access institutional quality CRE assets that have typically only been for the elite. 


[00:00 - 08:09] Opening Segment


  • Dave shares his insights on commercial real estate cycles and how they can help or hinder an investor's success.
  • Dave discusses how he has shifted his acquisition strategy in order to match the current capital market conditions.


[08:09 - 17:00] Sticking With Development Deal Despite Tough Market

  • the reasons why dave decided to focus on the development of built-for-rent communities, which he believes offer a higher yield than traditional multifamily investments.
  • He has 325 million in development in various stages, including 24 units currently under construction.
  • Dave is always looking for opportunities to acquire multifamily properties and believes there will be more buying opportunities in the market in the next few years.


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[17:00 - 24:30] Continuing to Supply Yield in the Marketplace.

  • Dave shared that they went where they needed to go to be able to continue to supply yield in the marketplace.
  • The challenge is that in development, everybody's waiting for a stabilized asset. Including them as the GP.
  • it's an opportunity, and there might be a small acquisition fee point or two on the front. 
  • But the development fee is really the cash flow for the business.


[24:30 - 32:09] Dave Ramsey: Legacy of Generational Wealth

  • Dave focuses on providing value to the investor community and believes that this is important in today's market
  • He sees opportunities in the multifamily space but cautions that it is still early in the cycle and there may be challenges ahead
  • Dave closes with “Generational wealth can be created through hard work and conscious decisions”





[32:10 - 33:15] Closing Segment


  • If you’re a credited investor Connect with Dave and reach him through (781) 922-4418. Or visit

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“Think of those dollars as soldiers, man, those soldiers are going to war in the barracks and they are working every single day. They're in the dirt. They're in the ground. They're in the two-by-four they're in the contractor's tool belt. that's where your capital is. It's not bringing all many friends yet. Cuz it's got a job to do and the job it has to do is build and lease up the asset.” - Dave Seymour