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Small Axe Podcast

Aug 23, 2021

Today we’re sitting down with Yosef Lee (AKA Yosef Your Brosef), a believer, father, lawyer, multifamily apartment syndicator and investor, people connector, status-quo hater, strategic planner/action taker, pilates studio owner, and an entrepreneur wannabe. Yosef has the vision to take back the control of his Time, Place, and Occurrence through financial freedom, and he has started his journey of acquiring cash-flowing multifamily apartments as a tool to create passive income streams and to achieve generational wealth

Join us as we chat about his experience with balancing a full time job and real estate investing, investing in mentors and masterminds, and the power of bringing people together and networking. 


[00:01 – 05:06] Opening Segment

  • Let’s get to know Yosef Lee
  • Yosef shared about how he was inspired to find a passive income
  • Getting into multifamily investing 


[05:07 – 28:22] Balancing a Day Job and Multifamily Investing 

  • How Yosef’s day looks like as an employee and investor
  • Similarities between his day job and asset management 
  • Benefits of being a real estate professional
  • Investing in mentors and masterminds
  • The power of having synergy and connection between people


[28:23 – 33:25] What’s next for Yosef

  • Setting big goals and riding on the momentum
  • Yosef’s biography title 
  • Connect with Yosef through the links below 
  • Final words from us


Tweetable Quotes:

“A meetup is such a powerful way to get connected because of our display and let's say in person, that handshake, that bro hug,  you can literally feel the energy of the other side.” - Yosef Lee

“I want them [my future grandchildren] to know that success did not just happen overnight or anything over the period of time, I want them to know that I've worked really hard.” - Yosef Lee


Find out more and connect with Yosef on Linkedin, Instagram, Facebook or check out his website at


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