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Small Axe Podcast

Aug 8, 2022

Welcome back! Small Axe Community! We are joined by Ash Patel!


Ash, is a full-time Commercial Real Estate and Business investor. Looking to invest in value add CRE and businesses. Over 10 years of experience in turning around properties and businesses. Love taking others on the journey with me. I have personally transacted over $40mm in deals. Looking to acquire value add warehouse, industrial, land, NNN, restaurants, retail, office, medical, etc. Open to joint ventures, startups, angel investing, and mentoring others.


So with no further ado, Let’s welcome Mr. Ash Patel!


[00:00 - 08:32] Opening Segment

  • Ash Patel has a 15-year career in corporate real estate and 10 years as a commercial real estate investor.
  • He left his corporate career to become a full-time property investor and has purchased retail warehouses, offices industrial land mixed-use medical, and restaurants from vacant buildings to fully leased triple-net properties.
  • The consistent theme is extraordinary returns for his properties, with an average annualized cash on cash return of 190%.
  • He started out buying properties site unseen and then began mentoring others to scale up.
  • Now, his mentees are finding deals and asking him to partner with them.


[08:32 - 17:55] Retail Apocalypse? Nico Says It's Not So Bad

  • Commercial tenants typically have a longer lease and are more stable than residential tenants.
  • It is important to find the right tenant for the property, whether it be a large grocery store, furniture store, or mom-and-pop pizza place.
  • Retail is still a viable business, despite recent closures by big box retailers. 


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[17:56 - 25:55] The Rise of the Suburban Downtown

  • Suburban retail over city center retail, citing suburban downtowns as a thriving example of this trend.
  • Suburban retail spots that are easy to visit and manage are often recession-resistant and internet resistant, making them a good investment.
  • Ash has bought and leased fully leased triple net buildings in the past.
  • He is interested in any type of property that doesn't have tenants living in it, as these are the easiest to lease.


[25:55 - 33:21] People will be forgotten but not the lessons you teach.

  • Ash says that he doesn't do self-storage, multi-family, or development because he doesn't have a competitive advantage in those spaces
  • He recommends buying something for a fraction of the build cost rather than building it new
  • He has a mentorship program for people who want to learn how to find deals and advises compiling a list of life lessons that can help you



[33:22 - 34:22] Closing Segment



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“I don't think that people's legacies really live on unless you're like a Steve jobs. I think people will be forgotten, but lessons that you teach your heirs will not be.” - Ash Patel