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Small Axe Podcast

Mar 29, 2021

Today’s podcast will be a special one, as we are having the beginning of the Accountability series podcast. In this series, there will be four separate episodes at the end of each quarter of 2021 with various guests and backgrounds. They have in common that none of them own any multifamily real estate as an active investor. My goal is to share their documented process in taking their multifamily journey to the next level.

Let’s listen to this episode and learn more about their inspiring story and how they take their multifamily journey to the next level.

[00:01 – 03:39] Opening Segment 

  • I share a brief introduction of this podcast series
    • Accountability series
  • Four separate episodes with four different guests and background.
  • Three main goals of this series
    • Document their process.
    • Share the stories of their journey.
    • Understand what it takes to be an active or passive investor.

[03:40 – 23:05] The Financial Intelligence - Brian Hemedinger 

  • Let’s get to know  Brian Hemedinger.
  • Brian shares the story about his background 
    • He grew up in a middle-class household in NY
    • Developed interest in acting and music at a young age.
    • Shifted his focus from his acting career to salesperson and leadership.
    • He got passionate and certified as a life coach.
  • Brian shares about his foundational motivation from his mentor to shift gear in his career.
    • Think about your intelligence and resourcefulness; if at some point you decide this is not for you, you are going to have other choices.”
  • The financial intelligence.
    • He shares his turning point in realizing the importance of financial intelligence.
  • Transition to the multifamily space.
    • Learned the hard way about the depreciation recapture and capital gains tax.
  • He shares how he Joined Jack and Gino community.
    • Multi-family is something that has a higher barrier entry.
  • Brain talks about the market he chose in multifamily. 
  • The power of working with other people
    • You can leverage a team, the skill and talents of other people to work collaboratively.
  • Brian talks about his goals and where does he see himself moving in a few months.
    • Generate enough income from real estate investments within the next five years to be able to max or exceed his current income.
    • Do more coaching outside of his current role.
    • Increase in his personal development and put it into action. 
  • Brian talks about certain criteria of size and class that he is currently looking for.
  • Final words from me.

[23:06 – 38:44] The Big Why - George Rodriguez

  • Let’s bring George Rodriguez to the show
  • George shares the story about his background 
    • Starting entrepreneurship at a young age
    • He got hooked on the fix and flip and shifted his focus on multifamily.
  • He shares the reason he chose multifamily.
    • He values multifamily because of the financial freedom aspect and how you can build it into a real business.
    • Leave a legacy.
  • He shares how he started to join Jack and Gino community
    • When you join the right community, you Increase your chances for success.
  • He talks about his educational journey in real estate.
    • Having conversations with brokers and underwrite deals.
  • The benefits of working with a coach.
  • George talks about his market, strategy, and why he chose that area.
    • The type and class criteria of his market.
  • Building and developing the key relationships.
  • Networking strategy 
    • The ability to pivot.
  • George talks about his strength in a team.
    • The skillset of managing a crew and communicate.
  • George shares about the area that he is lacking or struggling with within the business. 
  • The learning and transition process to the multifamily business. 
  • George talks about his goals in life
    • The big Why
  • Final words from me.

[38:45 – 55:21] Constant Learning and Growing Process - Gemma Bark

  • Let’s get to know Gemma Bark
  • Gemma shares about her background
    • Born in Southern California.
    • Raised in a small family business
    • She moved to San Francisco and work in software sales after college.
  • Gemma shares how she joins Jack and Gino community.
  • The reasons why she chose multifamily.
    • A great way to get passive income that makes sense.
  • Gemma shares the beginning of her journey as a real estate broker.
  • She talks about her current market focus.
  • The challenges of having a market across the state.
    • Doing the due diligence and make an effort to travel across the state.
  • The position on a team
    • Honing on her strengths and how she can bring her skills to benefits the team.
    • Broker relationship and money-raising side.
  • She shares her experience in her few first broker calls.
  • Gemma shares her short-term and long-term goals.
  • The time spends and energy to work in W2 and multifamily business. 
    • Time block and making sacrifices.
  • Unit count and means of getting in syndication.
    • Around 1000 units in 10 years.
    • Learning multifamily and self-storage.
    • The end goal of income.
    • Open for partnership.
  • Final words from me.

Tweetable Quotes:

“Think about your intelligence and resourcefulness, if at some point you decide this is not for you, you are going to have other choices” –  Brian Hemedinger.

“When you want to start something, you have to immerse yourself and be obsessed with it .” –  George Rodriguez.

“If you are not constantly growing, learning, and changing, you are not going to keep up.” –  Gemma Bark.



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