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Small Axe Podcast

Nov 23, 2020

Today’s guest is Chris Grenzig, Asset Manager at Toro Real Estate Partners. He focuses on the management, sourcing, evaluation, and acquisition of new assets for Toro’s Multifamily Portfolio. He started his career in the real estate business in 2016 by trying to flip houses in Long Island, New York. He faced several hurdles along the way, which led him to the multifamily business. 

Let’s dive into Chris’s story and find out how this former Division I soccer player learned about accepting investments from family and friends.

[00:01 – 08:41] Opening Segment 

  • I introduce our guest, Chris Grenzig
  • Chris walks us through his pre-real estate days and his early real estate career. 
    • He talks about his transition from coaching in college to investing in real estate
    • He talks about his early real estate career, which led him to meet John Cohen of Toro Real Estate Partners

[08:42 – 21:53] Accepting Investments from Family and Friends

  • Chris shares his motivations for entering the real estate business
  • He talks about the role of coaching, seminars, and other educational activities in learning about real estate. 
  • He shares the challenges they have faced in doing real estate business 
  • He shares how the multifamily business fits his values and morals

[21:54 – 29:40] Getting in Touch with Potential Investors

  • Chris talks about his roles in Toro Real Estate Partners
    • He shares that everybody has a focus, but they all handle other tasks too.
    • Chris mentions the 80/20 and 70/30 rule. 
  • Chris shares his secrets about getting new investors
    • Aside from marketing, advertising, and branding, how can you get in touch with people? 
  • He talks about social media platforms in terms of investor relations 
    • Where can you find the established people? 
  • He walks us through their process of talking with potential investors

[29:41 – 36:30] Closing segment


  • If your grandkids and great-grandkids plan to write a book about you, how would you title the book, or what characteristics would you like to be highlighted in that book?
  • Chris doesn’t have a specific title, but he wants the book to be about his legacy
  • He shares how he wants to be remembered
  • Chris talks about the advantages of technology, the internet, and social media for the young generations
  • Teach yourself 
  • Find people who need your knowledge and skills, even if those are not related to real estate


  • Connect with Chris. See the links below 


Tweetable Quotes

 “When I got into multifamily and I learned more about it, I feel incredibly comfortable accepting money from family, other people.” – Chris Grenzig

“Don’t hang up until you hear ‘no.’” – Chris Grenzig

“Not every investor is for you.” – Chris Grenzig


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You can email Chris directly at or follow him online: Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, and YouTube. Check out their website at Toro Real Estate Partners

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