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Small Axe Podcast

Dec 11, 2023

Welcome to the Small Axe Podcast! In this episode, Nico welcomes special guest and business partner, Ethan Diaz. Reflecting on their serendipitous meeting at a New York meetup, Nico underscores the power of networking and the collaboration that led to their joint venture in a 44-unit portfolio in Florida. Get a glimpse into Ethan's background, his Puerto Rican roots, and the pivotal moment when he transitioned from aspiring to be a doctor to pursuing a career in real estate. From his early real estate ventures at 16, to the decision to sell an eight-unit property and transition into syndication, Ethan shares valuable insights into his journey.


Here is a breakdown of what to expect in this episode:

  • Legacy Wealth and Personal Connections
  • Navigating Non-Traditional Paths
  • Overseas Ventures - Challenges and Rewards of Real Estate
  • From Mentorship Struggles to Networking Success
  • Lessons from a COVID-Impacted Eight-Unit Property and Units Texas Venture
  • And so much more!


About Ethan Diaz:

Ethan Diaz is the Co-Founder and Acquisition Manager at DB Invest, overseeing the acquisition and management of various real estate assets, including 232 multifamily units, 52 storage units, and 6NNN units. His role involves expanding the portfolio and strategically seeking investments in prime locations to maximize returns. Ethan's expertise and commitment to passive investing shape his approach to building and managing a diverse real estate portfolio.


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