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Small Axe Podcast

Nov 27, 2023

What does it take to live the life that you want? Embark on the thrilling venture of real estate investment with Nico Salgado on the Small Axe Podcast. This episode features Josh Roosen, who recounts his transformative journey, ignited by the impact of "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" during his eighth-grade years. Despite initial obstacles and parental reservations about entrepreneurship, Josh persevered through setbacks in his home healthcare business, transitioning to sales and securing his first investment property. The pivotal moment occurred when he joined Fortune Builders, immersing himself in real estate education and learning valuable insights from accomplished mentors.


Here is a breakdown of what to expect in this episode:

  •     Navigating Jacksonville's Real Estate Opportunities
  •     The Joint Venture Advantage in Real Estate Investing
  •     Building Genuine Relationships in Direct-to-Seller Campaigns
  •     Multifamily Wealth Nation: A New Frontier in Real Estate Education
  •     Mastering the Dynamic Real Estate Environment: Strategies and Commitment
  • And so much more!


About Josh Roosen:

Josh Roosen is a powerhouse in networking, multifamily real estate, and curating experts to properly disrupt this space.  Josh originally set out to become a doctor and quickly realized the path to financial freedom was found by purchasing cash flowing investments that appreciate over time. After spending years in the residential arena, he shifted his focus to multifamily. His mission is to connect individuals wanting to invest in multifamily real estate and create the most high-performance network that exists.


Connect with Josh Roosen on…


Cell Number: 810-348-6689


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