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Small Axe Podcast

Jun 20, 2022

Welcome back! Today we are joined by Hendra Tambunan. Coming as a foreign student to the US Hendra earned his degree from San Francisco state university. After graduation, Hendra worked in pre-IPO start-ups. Fortunately 50 and big for corporations while starting to invest in single-family houses. After investing in single-family on the side to save for his son's college fund, he realized that it's just not scalable fast enough.

It prompted him to start looking into multi-family by late 2018 and finally decided to jump into the multifamily investing world by mid-2009. To date, Hendra has been involved in multiple multi-family projects with more than 1500 units as both general and limited partners. Additionally, Hendra is also involved in commercial-grade short-term rental projects, Hendra along with his wife, mercy also lead the San Francisco chapter of multifamily and the networking group of like-minded multi-family investors besides investing in multi-family as a family,  They love to connect and help others who are trying to get into the multifamily investing space. 


[00:00 - 07:46] Opening Segment 


  • Hendra is from San Francisco and earned his degree from San Francisco State University.
  • After graduation, Hendra worked in pre-IPO start-ups.
  • Hendra and his wife Mercy lead the San Francisco chapter of multifamily and more the networking group of like-minded multi-family investors.
  • He shares about his first Dallas deal and working with people he met at Jake and Gino’s Community.


[07:48 - 16:06] Real Estate Guru Shares Tips For Raising Capital

  • Hendra discusses the difficulties of raising capital from friends and family for the first deal, and how he learned to be more attentive in presenting his deals.
  • He talks about a recent deal he completed where he increased the value of the property by almost double.
  • He also discusses how he finds syndications, and how they are usually through networking or through locking up a deal on his own.


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[16:07 - 23:16] Box Capital Raising Money for Next Generation of Real Estate

  • Hendra's journey in real estate, including how influential people have been to him.
  • He is currently raising money for a REFI and returning some of that capital to investors.
  • Working with his wife Mercy, Hendra shares how they support each other and make the business grow.
  • Hendra has a goal of becoming generational wealthy in real estate. “Idea Box capital” is a name that he coined to describe ideas that come out of the box frequently.


[23:17 – 26:09] Closing Segment.


Find out more and connect with Hendra through his: Facebook  visit their website at or email call him at (510) 270-2920


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“Be authentic, You are there not because you want to get in yields, but you are there just because you want to help them and see what’s available out there. And that's the thing that speaks the truth. Your intention is you want to help them.”

- Hendra Tambunan