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Small Axe Podcast

Oct 11, 2021

Welcome back to Small Axe Communities Podcast! 


We have reached the end of the third quarter of the year, and in this episode, we are back with the third episode of The Accountability Series. All of the guests on the accountability series podcast have one thing in common - They all began this journey without having any multifamily units under management. The objective is to track their journey throughout the course of a year to see exactly what it takes to become successful in this space. Nico meets with each participant once per quarter, to get updated on progress and to follow their journey!


Let’s listen to Gema Wood and Jhae Antoc and tap into their inspiring stories.


[00:01 - 22:54] Gemma Wood: Balancing Life and Real Estate 

  • Gemma shares how she has been for the past 6 months
  • Gemma got married! Gemma Bark is now Gemma Wood
  • Working with husband in deals - perfect match
  • What Gemma likes about Las Vegas market
  • Strategies on finding and having a client and closing a deal 
  • First steps as a new investor
    • Looking for a market
  • Getting to the deal faster
  • Gemma’s exciting future plans and deals
  • How to connect with Gemma
    • See links below.


[22:53 - 43:54] Jhae Antoc: A Hope for Nurses  

  • Guest recaps how he has been for the past three months
  • Social Media has been a very helpful tool to connect 
    • Wanting for his co-nurses to have a better, secured future
  • Met Jake and Gino and other best people
  • Doing what helps to bring others get ahead of life with him
  • Helping nurses live a fulfilling life and better life
  • More into savoring how nurses are important
  • Jhae does what really matters much for him
  • Jhae’s upcoming podcasts and projects
  • How to connect with Guest
    • See links below.

Tweetable Quotes:


Finding and understanding who wants what and finding the best deals for those people.” - Gemma Wood

“How can I help other people and how can I help my other colleagues get to a point where I’m at right now? Since I’m a chapter ahead of them, how do I bring them with me?”. - Jhae Antoc

Find out more and connect with Gemma and Jhae through the following:


Gemma: Facebook and

Jhae: Facebook , Instagram and Twitter @jhaeantoc

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